Boosting Your Confidence at Work Will Result in Positive Outcomes

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How To Boost Your Own Confidence at Work

Confidence is something we all struggle with at different times in our lives. Some of us struggle with our own self-evaluation and criticism more than others. When it comes to confidence in the workplace, most of us can say that we have had moments in our careers when we have questioned our capabilities to execute a task.

Our uncertainty and uneasy feelings could be the result of not fully mastering new skill sets that come with being put in a more demanding role.  Maybe you are working with a new team and or with a new employer and you are concerned with your own ability to meet their expectations.  Possibly you have even set expectations for yourself that are extremely high and you are worried to let yourself down as well as all those around you.

Whatever it is that is causing you to question your own abilities, it is crucial to regain and maintain a healthy level of self-confidence should you wish to succeed.  By reinforcing your own belief in your abilities you can help to diminish and or extinguish any fears or anxiety that you may have.  Confidence gives you a boost and helps you to improve your overall performance, develop new skills, and find solutions to problems when they arise.  The more confident you are, the better you are at leading others, and  the more valuable an asset you are to your employer.

1)      Identify Areas for Improvement

Being confident comes with the ability to recognize your own areas for improvement.  If you are unable to do a skill successfully, identify what those tasks are and put forth an effort to improve on them.  This may involve asking others for help, doing some research, watching some online videos, taking tutorials etc.  Never be afraid to ask questions. Managers will almost always prefer you ask to ensure you are doing it right rather than guess and risk doing it wrong.    

2)      Track Your Progress and Success

It is a known fact that when you are successful at something your brain releases a congratulatory neurotransmitter called dopamine.  “Way to go! This feels good!  Do it again!” your brain says.  This chemical is a natural reward your body gives itself to boost memory, focus, and a strong desire to complete more things successfully so you can continue to feel good.  Are you a list maker?  Lists have been known to help people feel successful at getting through their daily tasks both in your personal life and work life.  Consider making yourself a spreadsheet of tasks, find a dedicated to-do app, or a simple handwritten list to help keep you on track and boost your dopamine levels throughout the day.

3)      Ignite Your Happy Self Every Day

Always make a point to recognize two to three things each day about yourself that you admire.  Whether it is a job-related activity or a personal activity, focus on something that brings you joy and makes you feel good.

Positive reinforcement is essential to your own ability to lift your mood and attitude every day.  This practice is key to boosting your own self-confidence in the workplace.

4)      Focus on Things You Are Good at

Always take time to focus on the things that you know you are good at.  Find ways to improve your outlook on areas of struggles.  Consider how your areas of strength could contribute to the areas where you struggle. How can your talents in one area help you become more talented in another area?  Make a list of areas for improvement, and ideas on how you can become better at them.  Then cross off your list to boost your confidence levels. 

Don’t set yourself up for failures by setting your goals beyond your skill sets and means.  Make realistic goals based on your experience, skills, and time.  While setting big goals is a great motivator, setting goals that are unrealistic at your time of attempt could set yourself up for failure.  

Boosting Your Confidence at Work Will Result in Positive Outcomes

A healthy level of self-confidence at work allows you to successfully lead others in a positive manner, as well as show that you are a strong lead on how to resolve any pending issue at hand.  Confidence is a great leadership skill and is very visible to those around you.  Having confidence in yourself can help you move outside of your comfort zone and help you achieve new goals and master new skills.

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July 28, 2021

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